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The Generals have the superb heavy cup frame with rigid temples and of course, the celebrated RB-50 lens which has both mirroring and changeable properties. 50th Anniversary Edition Commemorative (1937-1987).Size is 62-14.

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bro saya berminat nak beli kalau bro jual..

Sorry bro barangan telah selamat terjual.

Glorious ,good , smart, fair. I like its appealing color, design,model .superb!

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I have a pair exactly like these, and I would love to know how much do they cost right now, what do you think?

Hi Daniel,

Great! You should keep it and take care of it because it have a great value. In malaysia still consider cheap where you can get this around EUR250 to EUR300 for New Old Stock. For 2nd hand item the price range around EUR150 to EUR200depend on the usage and condition of the item.International price range is about EUR350 to EUR400.
All item price is based on full set of item..means include the original casing.

Hope the explaination Helps.


it's a naice n pretty "the general" you have.. i have some too, :)
i am ray ban enthusia like you..

nice item

hebat rayban2 disini bro

terbaik..saye pon ade satu camni..kaler gold.

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